Umass Amherst Computer Science Transfer Requirements

Umass Amherst Computer Science Transfer Requirements

A list of contact persons for more information about the bachelor`s program can be found on our help page: candidates will be informed of all decisions by @umass e-mail. Students who meet the admission requirements of Pathway 1 and apply to UMass Amherst during or before their 4th semester full-time will be admitted to the major. Successful applicants will not be considered CS majors until the requirements are met and the documents have been completed to change your major to CS (usually closer to the start of the fall or spring semester). Continue to follow your current major`s consultation protocol (we will not remove your registration blocks). For help with CCC advice and general issues, visit the CICS Consultation. Bring your contract email and identify yourself as a CS Principal Applicant. If you have any further questions, email the Undergraduate Program Director ( and make sure you are a CS Principal Applicant. You may be exempt from the TOEFL requirement if you have taken two composition courses in non-ESL English AND several humanities/social sciences courses with grades of B or better at an American college or university. The admission requirements for Pathway 2 are as follows: Credits: Remember that if you entered university in the fall of 2010 or later as a first-year student, each of your social, biological or physical requirements must be met with a 4-credit or two 3-credit courses with the appropriate designation. For example, if you transfer a 3-credit sociology course with an sb designation, you will still need to take another 3-credit sb course to meet the requirement.

Transfer students and others who are not eligible to submit an initial application through one of the admission pathways described above (for example. B due to the transfer of credits for all prediction courses) should contact to discuss your personal situation. The College of Information Sciences and Computer Science has a residency requirement with a limit on the number of transfer courses accepted to meet CS higher level courses (300+) for the most important requirements, as follows: BS: No more than three transfer courses are permitted (5 of the 8 CS 300+ must be completed here @UMass Amherst) BA: No more than two transfer courses are permitted (3 of the 5 CS 300+ must be completed here @UMass Amherst) Pathway 1 Eligibility Requirements: To apply, students must have completed or are currently enrolled in MATH 132 and COMPSCI 187 at UMass Amherst and must not have submitted more than one previous application to Pathway 1 or have entered into more than one previous equivalent admission agreement. Note that MATH 132 and COMPSCI 187 can be taken in different semesters at UMass Amherst, but to be on track for a CS major, students must complete both courses before the end of their second semester. The AP credit for math MATH 132 can also be used instead of MATH 132 taken at UMass Amherst. The admission requirements are as follows: NOTE: * Only 3 credits of COMPSCI 499P/T or COMPSCI 396/496/596 can be used for CS Major requirements. Some majors are more selective and have specific GPA courses and/or prerequisites required for admission; These requirements can be found below. A cumulative grade point average of 2.7 or higher and good grades in math and related science courses. In order to complete the CS degree within the 10-semester limitation period as defined in Section III.J of the UMass Amherst Academic Regulations document, the CS program expects students to enter the CS major before the end of their fourth semester full-time. Students seeking admission to the SC during their 5th semester full-time or later may be considered an exception to this rule based on progress in meeting key CS requirements and their overall academic performance.

Students applying during their 5th semester full-time or later should meet with CICS` Director of Boards, who will help determine if an exception is appropriate. Please note that compliance with the minimum requirements is not a guarantee of admission. In addition, some majors have a limited number of places available; Be sure to complete your application before the priority date to ensure that these programs are fully considered. Criminal and disciplinary history may be considered as part of the review process. Some students entering university have already done work that can be applied to the requirements of computer science. Advanced experience in high school or another college or university can allow you to skip one or more introductory courses. Exemption from courses in other departments that are required for computer science is usually at the discretion of the other department concerned. Students who wish to start with a more advanced calculus course (MATH 132 or MATH 233) must follow the procedures of the Mathematics Department to obtain a credit or exemption for Calculus I (MATH 131). Contact the Mathematics Department for more details. The College of Information Sciences and Computer Science accepts these credits/exemptions as equivalent to the required mathematics courses.

Similarly, students credited for a laboratory science course that is considered equivalent to one of the required laboratory science courses will be considered satisfied that have met these CS laboratory scientific requirements. The responsible department authorizes the registrar`s office to document the equivalence on the transcript. Q: I have taken courses at another university or I would like to take them and I would like to transfer the loan to UMass. Is there a list of classes that are already approved? A: Yes, we have a short list for colleges on our Transfer Credit Assessment (CTA) website. If there is a course you have taken or a university or college that is not listed, follow the TCE process to have the courses reviewed. Check out a question below about how many courses you can transfer. Residency requirements vary from program to program. Q: Can the two 4-credit “science” courses I need to take be in two different departments? A: Yes.

For example, you can take Chem 111 (4cr) and Physics 151 (3cr) and Physics153 Lab (1cr) for a total of 8 credits. See details of approved courses for the CS Lab Science requirement. Q: I am interested in entering the gaming industry. Which track should I participate in? A: We don`t have a specific track in the game, but some of our students have worked in the gaming industry. The game is a large collection of CS topics, and fortunately, we offer the right courses to cover them. You need to complete the set with the General Computing track. In particular, we offer: CS320 Software Engineering, CS325 Human Computer Interaction, CS373 Computer Graphics, CS377 Operating Systems, CS383 Artifical Intelligence, CS453 Computer Networking and CS529 Software Eng Project Management. Physics 151 and 152 are also your laboratory requirements. As a rule, other relevant courses are also offered. We`ve also recently offered CS491IP programming for iPhone and iPad and held Flash courses and multimedia topics.

We also recommend taking art as a minor subject (contact Prof. Galvis-Assmus) or at least courses from the art department in digital graphic design. Students who do not meet all the requirements of Pathway 2 on the first attempt will not be eligible for admission or additional applications. Q: My ARR does not show biology courses that are acceptable for the CS Lab Science requirement, but the CS website states that I can take BIOL 151/152/153 (9 credits) for two CS Lab Science Requirement courses. Why doesn`t my ARR display these courses as options for the CS Lab Science requirement? A: Students must complete BIOL 151, 152 and 153 (laboratory) for a total of 9 credits to complete two CS Lab Science courses. .

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